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We have been working with the largest brands since 2012 to establish them at the heart of the gaming community.

There are 14 Meltdown bars!

We can set up a marketing strategy to suit your goals, or we can simply offer our bars to host your events.

Our services

A single point of contact to coordinate your events and marketing campaigns with your preferred target group.

Put your brand at the heart of gaming communities.

Espace pros
  • Events

    With or without going private for all your company parties, press conferences, product launches, community events...

  • Dressing

    Numerous branding options: cocktails in the colours of your brand, personalised coasters, decorative elements...

  • Entertainment

    Organization of tournaments, presence of influencers, provision of dedicated animators...

  • Equipment

    TVs, gaming computers, consoles, microphone and sound system, photo booth possibility...

  • Communication

    Reach our gaming communities through our social networks, website, newsletter.

Our references

Whether for an evening or a long-term partnership, these brands trusted us.