Is it your first time at the Meltdown? Or maybe you come in every day, but a question burns your lips and you haven’t yet dared to ask? Don’t panic, you’ll find the answer right here.

  • What is the Meltdown?

    It’s first and foremost a bar, a place for living and meeting people! From the staff, to the customers and the cocktails, gaming is everywhere here. Televisions broadcast the best esports streams at all hours, and our computers and consoles are available to play freely or to participate in tournaments.

  • How much does it cost?

    You only pay what you drink at the Meltdown. Entry is free, consoles and computers are open access, and - except in a few cases - tournaments are free to join. You’ll of course need to have a drink before you start playing.

  • Is there a minimum age for admission?

    Yes! The Meltdown is subject to the same rules as any other bar. National laws and regulations apply to the bar’s access and alcohol consumption.

  • How long can I play for?

    As long as there are free computers and that you have a drink in your hand, we won’t stop you! If all computers are busy, you must give your spot once your game is over.

  • Can I bring my keyboard / mouse?

    All the necessary equipment is available at the bar thanks to our partners. We are not here to try hard, so just turn up with your hands in your pockets!

  • How can I participate in the tournaments?

    It is essential to create an account on the Meltdown site to be able to play. You can pre-register for a tournament under the heading My Bar > Upcoming Events. On the day, just introduce yourself to the organiser by giving your username to validate your registration. Get there on time: pre-registration does not guarantee a place in case of high attendance! If you have pre-registered by mistake, don’t panic - no need to unregister.

  • Do I have to turn up with a team to play in a tournament?

    Don’t worry! If you are alone or are short of players, the organiser will pair you with team mates on the night!

  • Is it possible to book part of the bar for a birthday, a stag night, etc?

    Of course! Conditions are to be defined with the staff so feel free to contact us here.

  • Can I open a Meltdown bar?

    Yes! We can accompany you from A to Z for the opening of your esport bar. All the information is available here.