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The Meltdown network

A friendly theme bar bringing all gaming enthusiasts together since 2012.

“Since day one and in every new bar we open, we've been cultivating a unique vision : a place to meet, discover and share with new people; Meltdown allows gamers around the world to live their passion in a bar designed for them.

Esports aren't a fad, they're a social phenomenon that has revolutionized the way we see videogames.
Today you have a chance of being a part of it all.”

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  • A futuristic decor

    A futuristic decor

  • A festive atmosphere

    A festive atmosphere

  • Original cocktails

    Original cocktails

  • Passionate staff

    Passionate staff

  • A tight-knit community

    A tight-knit community

  • Inter-bar tournaments

    Inter-bar tournaments

  • The best of esports

    The best of esports

Our benefits

Passionate about gaming and dream of becoming an entrepreneur?
Join the ever-growing Meltdown family and open your own esports bar now!

Benefit from the exclusive advantages our network has to offer to empower your business.

  • Tutorials

    Since 2012, we've been successfully opening esports bars. We made the mistakes so you can avoid them. We've cracked it, and now we're sharing it all with you.

  • Partners

    We bff'ed the biggest names in the industry (game publishers, gaming brands, etc.) So we can put at your disposal a network of trustworthy and recognized partners to skyrocket your hype.

  • Tools

    Meltdown develops and constantly improves key tools that make a difference: esports-focused crm, gamified website and mobile app, top tier graphic designs...

  • Brand

    Associate with the brand that pioneered in the esports bar industry and gets insta-loved by every gamer and his dog.

How do I get to Meltdown?

  1. bubble-contract

    Contact form sent
    We review your application
    ~ 48h

  2. bubble-like

    Positive answer - videoconf
    You search for a venue, secure a loan, sign our disclosure document
    ~ 1-2 months

  3. bubble-handshake

    Signature of the agreement
    You start the building works and interior design with our assistance
    ~ 2-3 months

  4. bubble-joystick

    Your bar looks gorgeous!
    Training and final preps
    ~ 1 month

  5. bubble-confetti

    Opening night!

Meltdown around the world


Joining Meltdown is like joining a big family. We share a same enthusiasm for this business, and all understand the kind of esports bars people need.

Want a different and unique bar for your town? Meltdown Esports Bars really are your best option.

Enrique, Meltdown Madrid

While gaming alone sometimes feels anonymous and lonesome, Meltdown’s ambiance connects people on a personal level. Ever met someone at a party who shared your passion and you immediately liked her?

At Meltdown, this happens on a daily basis. It’s almost impossible to go to Meltdown without making new friends.

Andreas, Meltdown Cologne

Meltdown is first and foremost a human adventure that allowed me to meet exceptional people!

Rémi, Meltdown Montpellier

Esports and gaming fans without solid experience in the field, we wanted to create a friendly and festive space for a community as well as the larger public to gather, far away from the usual stereotypes surrounding geeks and gamers.

Meltdown helped us to set up this project by allowing us to use their network and brand.

Michaël, Meltdown Marseille

Frequently asked questions

Did you not find an answer to your question? Contact us and quickly get the information you need.

  • If my application is incomplete or unsatisfying, will my application be definitively rejected?

    No, you will receive recommendations on how to complete your application in the best manner. Once you're done, you're free to try again! You've got like, infinite lives.

  • There's already a Meltdown bar open in the city I wish to open a bar, can I still apply?

    Yes! New opportunities can arise, or we can sort it out together and choose the best way to pull this off.

  • What material do you provide us with?

    We are constantly changing our number of partners as the network grows. The list of partners available at the moment can be provided by email on request.

  • Can I open a Meltdown bar in any country?

    Anything is possible! Gaming fever is taking over the planet, and we are constantly making our offer available in new territories.

  • Why join Meltdown instead of opening my own gaming bar?

    Joining the Meltdown network means being part of a family, with the reassuring support of experts who have overcome the challenges you are about to face; it means benefiting from a strong brand and proven tools; it means saving time spent prospecting for local or national partners, communicating your brand and fixing the simple but costly mistakes that litter the path of any ambitious project. It also means staying up to date, relying on a team that ensures the brand's durability while maintaining a high degree of flexibility on a daily basis. None of these advantages are absolutely necessary to open a gaming bar, but their cumulative benefit, based on sharing, experience and creativity, is an asset that we think is invaluable in order to put all the chances on your side. Plus, everyone thinks we're cool!