Meltdown Madrid

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Bar actu

¡Estamos de vuelta!

Si, finalmente nos permitirán abrir de 17h a 23h de Lunes a Sábado. No es necesario reservar. ¡Vuelve vuestro sitio favorito!

Bar actu

Worlds 2020 Finales

Disfruta las finales de los Worlds 2020 de una forma diferente. Vive la emoción de seguir en tu bar favorito el desenlace de los mundiales de League of Legends. Es necesario reservar, ponte en contacto con nosotros por Twitter o Instagram para guardar una plaza.

Bar team

Join the community!

Meltdown may boast a lot bars, but we are all unique. Each time you participate to an event at the bar, you will be able to proudly represent our colours!
Don’t hesitate to come back regularly and check out the list of upcoming events, or write to us if you have an idea for another type of party!

The vibe at the Meltdown Madrid

The staff


"Yo soy cola, tu pegamento"


Imagínate si tuviera un arma de verdad.


Retro gamer viejuno

Since the bar has opened, each party with you has been unforgettable. It is impossible to count the number of new friends met, fits of laughter or incredible moments shared. On the other hand, we have counted these:

  • 55783

    Cocktails served without a hitch

  • 9376

    Streaming hours broadcasted

  • 4019

    Shoryuken moves performed with flying colours

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